Chris Ballantine-Thomas

I’m a designer based in Liverpool working across graphic, interaction and service design. I’m interested in the design of public services, and have spent the last 7 years of my career working in the UK government.

I currently lead design on the GOV.UK Design System team at the Government Digital Service.


At the moment I’m up for doing small freelance projects or speaking at events and conferences.

Whilst I’m not actively looking for new roles, I’m always interested in hearing about interesting design work going on.

If you’d like to chat, drop me an email or message me on LinkedIn.


I’ll get round to writing proper case studies at some point. But here are some projects I’ve worked on over the last few years:


Iterating the GOV.UK Design System contribution model

Moving from the private to the public sector as a designer (with Courtney Toth, Nikin Nagewadia and Vicky Teinaki)

Making links easier to see and read on GOV.UK

Things to consider when designing in alpha

Other projects

Several years ago I wrote a self-help book called You Have Too Much Shit. It’s had 80,000 downloads, and on at least one occassion convinced a man in the US to get rid of his car.